In total, over 400 abandoned children and impoverished families benefited from our services:
   bullet 512 large families that risked being marginalized;
   bullet 407 single parent families;
   bullet 205 terminally ill children;
   bullet 197 impoverished senior citizens;
   bullet 106 professional foster parents;
   bullet 46 youngsters who had left their orphanages upon turning 18;
   bullet 35 adolescent girls with unwanted pregnancies;
   bullet 35 unwanted children were born and integrated into their natural families.

Future Projects

1. Community Project: "Building a half-way house for the youths who leave their orphanages upon turning 18;"
2. European Project: "Youths in action; youths supporting youths."

Catharsis - 20 de ani


Programs and Projects developed

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Ongoing projects - 2014