Founding of the private family center 'Catharsis'
the alternative to institutionalization (1999-2001)

Reducing the number of children in orphanages;
Increasing the quality of the protection services for children who are temporarily separated from their families.

Sixteen children abandoned by their minor mothers as newborns grew up in an environment similar to that of a normal family, and were subsequently integrated into their natural families. Galerie foto

"Vacationing with the family" (1999-2011)

providing institutionalized children with a chance to spend their summer or winter breaks with families from abroad.

Fourty-seven children/adolescents spent their breaks with families from Italy and Ireland, encountered another culture, learned foreign languages, created relationships and have been maintaining them.

The program is on-going.

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"Windows for the Future" (1999-2011)

stimulating minors and young adults with intellectual potential to continue their school studies, despite the fact that they have left their orphanages or that they come from troubled families.

The services offered include:
Psychological and juridical counseling;
Donations of computers, color TVs, cell phones, backpacks;
Clothing, shoes, school supplies, transport passes, prescription glasses.

Among those who benefited from the program are 177 children, of whom 139 pupils and 38 students from Brasov, Covasna and Harghita.

Financing partners:
'Il Conventino' Association from Bergamo, Italy;
'Hope Cottage' from Dallas, Texas
'Hearts across Romania' from Dallas, Texas

The program is on-going.

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Contraception and Family Planning (1999-2007)

increasing awareness among the youth regarding sexual prevention.

Services offered:
Psychological and medical counseling;
Educating the youth about unwanted pregnancy prevention, abortion and abandonment of newborn children.

Fifty-seven youths aged between 16 and 24, students and pupils, attended the courses offered by our association regarding sexual education, reproductive health, contraception. They also received contraceptive materials.

The program was financed by 'Hope Cottage' from Dallas, Texas.


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