"Smile, I am close to you!" program (2004-2011)

building a day center meant for special needs and blind children; recovery and socialization, orientation, education, preparing them for integration in mainstream education.

The City of Brasov secured the location with an area of 600 square meters;

"General Electric International" financed the construction of the center through:

GE Money Bank – Hannover, Germany
GE Money Bank – Prague, Czech Republic
Nyrt Bank – Budapest, Hungary

'Hope Cottage' and 'Hearts Across Romania' covered expenses for the center's furniture;

'Domus Flex' Romania donated mattresses for the bedrooms and the gym;

'Schaeffler' Romania donated the carpeting, radios for the classrooms, vacuum cleaners, jogging treadmill and reception furniture;

Launie Romania donated panels with the Braille alphabet for all the classrooms;

Vodafone Romania S.A. - 10 mobile phones;

'Friendship Force International' Clubs from Dallas (TX), Sacramento donated 12 computers with electronic voice adapters;

Italian associations:
     "Il Conventino" from Bergamo
     "Oasi dell'accoglienza" from Fano, Pesaro
     "Blind Apostle" from Bolzano
     "Blind Association" from Catania
     "Blind Association" from Lecce
     Association "Circolo Ghinelli" from Bologna
     French association "Amitie" from Tour, donated the following didactic materials and supplies:
         50 Braille books;
         50 boards;
         50 kg of writing paper;
         50 white walking sticks;
         10 telescopic sticks;
         10 voice-based wrist watches;
         10 voice-based balls;
         6 Braille typing machines;
         2 voice-based thermometers;
         1 electrical writing board;
         1 chess set;
         DVDs and cassettes with music and stories about blind children;
         Games for sensory development;
         3D Earth Globe.

Dutch foundation "Forum" from Amsterdam financed the post-graduate module-based course for specializing teachers and teaching them working methods with blind children.

The day center for blind children has a 30-seat capacity and became operational on October 20th, 2006, under the name "Ray of Light";
Twenty children, teenagers and youths frequent the center, socialize, learn how to write and read using the Braille alphabet, are preparing for joining mainstream educational institutions, and benefit from the services of therapeutic personnel.
The adolescents play chess and work on the voice-adapted computers, and are preparing for social integration. Galerie foto


Catharsis - 20 de ani


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