"Center for social reintegration" (2007-2012)

Partnering with American-based foundation 'Hearts across Romania' from Dallas, Texas, and 'Step to the Future' Association from Brasov, we became involved with the set-up and equipment of the "Center for social integration" for the youth who leave orphanages upon turning 18.

American volunteers participated in virtually all the activities including sanitation and hygiene, painting the bedrooms and bathrooms, and covering all the incurred expenses for installing new doors and windows, furniture, carpets, linen, decorative objects, and cleaning products.

We have set up a modern center for social integration, and improved the living standards for the 12 youngsters who have benefited from the program. We also created wonderful friendships with the American volunteers.

The program for philanthropy and volunteer work is on-going. Galerie foto

Post-graduate module-based course (2007-2011)

for specializing didactic personnel who work with blind children, organized in three modules.

August 2007 – Brasov;
September 2007 –Cluj Napoca;
October 2007 – Italy (Lecce);
January 2008 – Brasov.

Our partners are:
College of Special Psycho-pedagogy from Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca.

The program was financed by:
Italian National Union of Blind People, the Lecce branch
Blind Apostolate Bolzano Italy
"Forum" foundation from Amsterdam, Holland. Galerie foto


Catharsis - 20 de ani


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