"You do not have to see to go far"

Signing the public private partnership (16.12.2008)

Signing the public private partnership with the Brasov County Council, in which association Catharsis  ensures the educational Mangement of the day Center  for blind children and  Brasov County Council provides the necessary expenses  for the  Center
Anniversary of 200 years since Louis Braille was born ( the inventor of the alphabet that bears his name), along with Mihai Eminescu, whose work was written in Braille (04.01.2009).

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The White cane day
(annual on October 15th)

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Modular postgraduate training
for forming and developing human resources
(January 2008, September 2010, March 2011)

Apostleship of the Blind persons in Bolzano, Italy (sponsor)
County School Inspectorate Brasov

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Provide day care center for blind children (2009-2011)

a Volkswagen vehicle with 9 seats, donated by the Company "Microfinance for Central and Eastern Europe represented bz Pieter van Groos, Dutch citizen and Pier Paolo Dipaola , French citizen;
a trademill for the gym and furniture for the reception hall, donated by SC Schaeffler Romania SRL;
6 computers with synthetic voice donated by Friendship Force Club, San Francisco, USA;
15 watches and thermometers (with voice), donated by The Blind persons Apostolate from Bolzano, Italy;
15 mobile phones doanted by Vodafone Company, Brasov
one computer donated by the Municipal Organization of Women Brasov (UNPR)
une laptop donated by OMW Brasov

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Integration into mainstream education of seven blind children
(September 2010)

School No. 1, Brasov
School No. 14, Brasov

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"Youth for Youth & Youth in Action" (2008 2011)

project dedicated to young people who came into difficulty after leaving the special protection system
- moral and material support for obtaining identity documents, family physician, continuing education, shelter and job

"Child rights are law"

"The future of a child has no price"
communitary project dedicated to preventing the separation of the child to his bilogic familiy (2008-2011)

Implementing strategies:

distance "adoption" (identification altruistic individuals and legal persons from Romania, Italy and USA for moral and financial support to the poor, singled partented families);
fundraising campaign and valuable objects doantions;
Charity Gala – auction of the donated objects (6 December 2008)
Gifts form Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny
birthday aniversary


Association "Il Conventino", Bergamo, Italy
"Îngeraşul meu" Foundation, Brasov
Hearts Across Romania Foundation, USA
SC Schaeffler Romania SRL
The Notary Public Office "Viorel Tudorache", "Emil Dragusin", "Elena Batranu", Brasov
Restaurant Vesuvius Brasov
Local media
GDF Suez Romania - Brasov
Romanian Comercial Bank - Brasov
Romanian Bank for Developing - Brasov

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Encouraging the national adoption (2008-2011)

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the first celebration of adopted children (06.12.2008)
Counseling persons and families who want to adopt children or take a minor in foster care.

Local Media
Vesuvius Restaurant Brasov

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"Respecting and guaranteeing the fundamental rights of the child"

Public debates on "Respecting and guaranteeing the fundamental rights of the child" – the evaluation of the effects cause by the present adoption law (18.07.2008, 03.04.2009, 03.07.2009).

Preparation the amendment project of Law 273/2004 on the legal status of adoption and sending the project to the Romanian Government, Romanian Office of Adoption, National Authority for Child Protection, Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection, The Institution of Romanian President, the presidents of the political parties in government and opposition (08.08.2009).

General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Brasov, Covasna.
NGO’s that have as object child’s rights protection
Transilvania University of Brasov, Faculty of Law and Sociology, social assistance specialty
Spiru Haret University, Faculty of Psihopedagogy
Brasov Prefecture

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Signature raising campaign of  100,000 signatures (01.06 - 30.08.2010)

Launching the Petition regarding the right to international adoption  of children who are not required in national adoption and a signature raising campaign of  100,000 signatures from Romanian citizens eligible to vote who agree to reopening the international adoptions in Romania , 1st June 2010

Local, national and international NGOs that have as activity object children's rights
      Pro Democraţia Association Brasov
      "Samariteanul Milos" Association Brasov
      SCUT Association for Social Services Brasov
      "Un pas Spre Viitor" Association Brasov
      "Copii Abandonaţi" Foundation Brasov
      Ge-Ro Foundation Romania
      Rafael Foundation, Codlea
      Sunshine Foundation, Romania
      "Viitorul Tinerilor" Foundation Prahova
      "Livada" Association Targu Mures
      "Amici Dell'Adozione" Association Italia
      Asociatia Pro Adoptie Cluj-Napoca
      Asociatia Lunca Dunarii Tulcea
      Asociatia Biserica Baptista Independenta Biruinta
      Partida Romilor "Pro Europa" Bucuresti
      "Amici dei Bambini" Association Italia
      Associazione Il Conventino Bergamo, Italia
local, central and international media

Il Conventino Association Italia
Oasi Dell'Acoglenza Association Italia
Hearts Across Romania Fundation Dallas USA
Carla Deales& Pier Dipaola
Melsheimer Eillene & Thomas Mathias, cittadini americani
Mariana & Nelu Achiriloaie, cittadini americani
Hellen & Mariano Nozzi, cittadini americani
Maria Chera, cittadini americani
Don Antonio, parish priest, cittadino americano

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Sesising the Romanian Parliament about the unconstitutionality of the Adoption Law

On September 1st 2010, at the proposal of Mr. Nicolae Paun - President of the Committee for human rights, cults and problems of national minorities in the Chamber of Deputies, Catharsis Association submitted to the Secretariat of the Commission the following documents:
- the draft amendment of Law 273/2004 on the legal status of adoption;
- the nominal tables with the signatures gathered from the Romanian citizens with voting rights who agreed to reopening the international adoptions in Romania;
- the on-line petition on the right of adoption;
- comments on-line petition;

- arguments and reasons - the drama experienced by children whose international adoption procedure was blocked by the Moratorium imposed in February
- the emotional abuse experienced by children by removing them from their foster families and their reinsitututionalization in foster care, though they colud have been adopted by families
abroad to which they maintain emotional bonds;
 - presentation of somesuccessful international adoptions, through letters and photos sent by the children who were internationally adopted (children with birth defects, serious illnesses, children of ethny, aged over 6).

The delegation of the Association, constited by two youths (22 and 30 years old)-who came into difficulty after being expelled from the social assistance system, a foster care, the social worker, the legal advisor of the bassociation and a volunteer, had the opportunity of a social dialogue with experts and advisors, for more than four hours.

On 5 October 2010, the representatives of the Association Catharsis motivated and argued the bill amending the law of national adoption in front of the Deputies from the Committee for human rights, cults and minority problems, responded to questions and clarified the reasons for which the international adoptions were blocked and why international adoptions should be reopened.
The Commission asked us the harmonization of our project with the one of the Romanian Office of Adoption.

In October 2010, the project was completed with the proposals made ​​by DGASPC Alba, Brasov, Buzau, Covasna, Dolj, Harghita, Mures in a public debate, but has not been harmonized with the ORA project which maintained the unconstitutional and discriminatory articles.

In the first days of February 2011, at the Commission's request, the Association motivated the draft law amending with the articles and paragraphs from international instruments of private law governing international adoption, designating Mr. Sergiu Andon Deputy to prepare a legislative initiative.

On 15 April 2011, together with Brasov County Council, the Association organized a public debate on the theme "Children's rights are law" in which we amended the Government's draft law concerning adoption.

On May 3, 2011, the Association sent to the Committees of the Senate the amendments to the Government project; some were admitted totally, others partially.

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The Catharsis Associations at its anniversary - December 4th, 2011

Achieving 15 years of activity the Catharsis Association invited its founding members, internal and external partners, sponsors from the country and abroad, collaborators, volunteers and a very high number of beneficiaries to a soulful party. The event entertainer, Vesuvius Restaurant in Brasov, offered a Neapolitan dinner and an anniversary cake for over 250 guests.

The Sunday evening, December 5th 2011, meant for the people present at the Catharsis Association anniversary a remembering of the manner the ones with no support were emotionally and materially supported, but also an occasion offered to those involved in the association projects and programs to meet, to change impressions and to make plans for the future.

The association prepared many surprises both for the children and for the adults. Saint Nicholas came from Italy for the children and brought them everything, including whips... The founding members, partners, sponsors, collaborators, volunteers, the most tenacious beneficiaries and the event entertainers received a Certificate of Excellence. The evening surprise was launching the volume "15 years supporting the ones with no support" - a book of education and love, dedicated to Hope, Trust in People, Faith in Almighty.

The guests, children and adults, lived an unforgettable night. They enjoyed a show full of light and colour, sustained by artists from the Opera in Braşov, Gaudeamus Musical Studio in Braşov, the Reduta Cultural Centre ballet in Braşov, Private Theatre actors in Braşov. The show, directed by Dorina Roman and Marilena Guth, was presented by the actors Dorina Roman and Ovidiu Grădinaru.

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Centru de consiliere și sprijin pentru părinți și copii

Școala părinților


Programs and Projects developed

  bullet   in 2013-2014
  bullet   in 2012
  bullet   in 2008-2012
  bullet   in 2007
  bullet   in 2004-2006
  bullet   in 2002-2003
  bullet   in 2001-2002
  bullet   in 2001
  bullet   in 2000-2001
  bullet   in 1999
  bullet   in 1998
  bullet   in 1997
  bullet   in 1996

Ongoing projects - 2014


Suntem acreditați pentru a furniza activități și servicii în domeniul adopției, după cum urmează:

  • Informarea persoanelor/familiilor care își exprimă intenția de a adopta, cu privire la documentația necesară, la demersurile și durata procedurii adopției interne.
  • Evaluarea persoanelor/familiilor care doresc să adopte, în vederea obținerii Atestatului de persoană/familie aptă să adopte un copil.
  • Cursuri de pregătire a adoptatorilor pentru asumarea în cunoștință de cauză a rolului de părinte. Cursul se desfășoară timp de trei săptămâni, în fiecare zi de sâmbătă între orele 10:00 – 14:00, la sediul Asociației Catharsis. Cursul este organizat în parteneriat cu Direcția Generală de Asistență Socială și Protecția Copilului Brașov. Nu percepem taxe de participare.
  • Informarea și consilierea adoptatorilor cu privire la demersurile legale necesare dezvăluirii, în condițiile legii, a identității părinților firești ai copilului și după caz, necesare contactării acestora și/sau a rudelor biologice de către copil.
  • Activități post adopție prevăzute de lege: informare și consiliere pentru părinți și copii, cursuri pentru dezvoltarea capacităților parentale, grupuri de suport pentru părinți și copii, sprijinirea adoptatorilor în vederea informării copilului cu privire la adopția.
  • Activități de informare și promovare a adopției.