Medical accomplishments:

bullet Intricate medical and laboratory tests, and neuro-psychiatric evaluations for 261 children;

bullet Surgical ophthalmologic interventions for 351 children/adolescents and seniors;

bullet Prescription glasses were donated to 2,082 children/adolescents/seniors;

bullet Thirty-seven children/adolescents/seniors received prostheses;

bullet Thirty-six children/adolescents/seniors received specialized medical care and treatment in clinics in Romania (Brasov, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Tirgu-Mures and abroad (England, Germany, Italy, Israel, Hungary).

bullet 311 individuals received prescription pills and vitamins;

bullet 62 persons received glycerin measurement devices;

bullet 30 elderly persons received blood pressure measurement devices;

bullet 16 youth and seniors received wheel-chairs;

bullet 12 children received dental braces;

bullet 9 adolescents received medical bikes;

bullet 2 seniors received Holtner Valves;

The following received donations of medical equipment and first-aid kits:

bullet Emergency Hospital of Brasov, Departments of Cardiology, Orthopedics, and Intensive Care;

bullet Obstetrics/Gynecology Hospital of Brasov, the newborn unit;

bullet The Children's Hospital of Brasov, Departments of Ophthalmology and Orthopedics;

bullet Municipal Hospital of Codlea;

bullet Ambulance Services of Brasov;

bullet Dental practice (Sanda Tenea);

bullet Mountain Rescue Units Brasov.

Social accomplishments:

Donations for:
bullet General Office for Social and Children's Protection of Brasov, Botosani, Bucharest, Buzau, Covasna, Harghita, Hunedoara, Prahova:
bullet Computers;
bullet Printers;
bullet Fax machines;
bullet Cell phones;
bullet Color TVs;
bullet Video cassettes;
bullet CDs;
bullet DVDs;
bullet Central heating units;
bullet Furniture
bullet Orphanages:
- "Micul Prinţ" from Brasov
- "Casa Maria" from Făgăraş
- "Casa Prieteniei" from Codlea
- "Dacia" from Rupea
- "Domino" from Ghimbav
- "Luminita" from Bucharest
- "Bamby" from Zărneşti

Received prams, microwave ovens, baby products, vitamins, fruits, sweets, mattresses, clothing, shoes, toys, books, encyclopedia, school supplies, summer trips to the seaside.

bullet Special Kindergarden of Brasov:
Linen, clothing, toys, shoes, dryer, laundry detergent, pills and fruits;

bullet Transylvania University of Brasov – College of Medicine:
Electronic items, medical equipment;

We restored and repaired the following:
bullet Orphanages in Brasov, Baicoi, Bucharest, Cristuru-Secuiesc, Ghimbav, Ramnicu-Sarat, Toplita, Targu-Secuiesc;

We also restored:

bullet Orthodox Churches in Cruset, in Gorj County.

We also acquired donations for children, teenagers, and families with financial difficulties:

bullet 10 housing units;
bullet 44 pieces of furniture;
bullet 29 central heating units;
bullet 23 kitchen utensils;
bullet 14 washers;
bullet 22 color TVs;
bullet 53 computers for pupils and students;

bullet 15 bikes;
bullet 144 prams, of which 12 were double for twins;
bullet 500 school backpacks;
bullet 70 backpacks;

357 children and youths received school supplies;

bullet 53 families were supported financially in order to pay their debts;

bullet 83 persons were helped with identifying job opportunities;
bullet 33 families benefited from financial help for funerals;.
bullet 110 social workers: clothing, shoes, furniture, computers, toys, vitamins.

Psycho-pedagogic accomplishments:

Psychological counseling
bullet 924 solved cases
bullet families wishing to adopt a child or accept a minor into foster care;
bullet pupils and students with relationship, adjustment and social integration problems;
bullet young women with post-rape psychological traumas or unwanted pregnancies;
bullet couples with adjustment issues;
bullet domestic violence victims;
bullet children and teenagers with abnormal behavior.

Financial aid for continuing education:

bullet 180 pupils left orphanages in Brasov, Covasna, Harghita, and had their schooling expenses covered, as well as transport aid, school supplies, computers, backpacks, prescription glasses, cell phones, medical treatments and seaside vacations.
bullet 36 students with precarious financial situations received scholarships.
bullet 450 pupils received books and literature packages in English from our American volunteers.


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