"Philanthropy and volunteer work" (1997-2011)

The program for "Philanthropy and volunteer work" was launched in partnership with American-based 'Hope Cottage' from Dallas, Texas, and was further supported with the help from 'Hearts Across Romania' from Dallas, Texas, 'Doctors Without Borders' from Milan, and 'Diaconia' from Brasov, Public Notary Office Viorel Tudorache, Ina Schaeffler Romania.

The impressive yearly donations, offered to institutionalized children and impoverished families, consisted of clothing and shoes, vitamins, cosmetics, personal hygiene items, comforters, pillows, linen, towels, curtains, backpacks, luggage, computers and central heating units.

In addition, we would like to mention the hundreds of packages with food, sweets, toys, books, encyclopedias, all given during Easter, Christmas and on June 1 by the following companies: BUDERUS Bucharest, UNILEVER Bucharest, BELFOOD Bucharest, ROSTAR Brasov, SANGELS Brasov, Transylvania Express Foundation Brasov.

American and Italian volunteers, teachers and physicians, psychologists, social workers, lawyers, students and pupils, travel to Brasov twice a year in order to offer moral and financial support to institutionalized children and to impoverished families.

In the last three years 'Hearts Across Romania' from Dallas, Texas donated medical equipment for the following:
The Medical College of Brasov;
The Cardiology University Clinic of Brasov;
The Children's Hospital of Brasov, Departments of Ophthalmology and Orthopedics.
Emergency Hospital of Brasov, Departments of Surgery, Orthopedics, and Intensive Care;
Obstetrics/Gynecology Hospital of Brasov, the newborn unit;
Municipal Hospital of Codlea;
Medical practices (4);
Dental practices (Sanda Tenea)
Ambulance Services of Brasov;
Mountain rescue units of Brasov.

Their donations included:
3082 prescription glasses, of which 2200 were given to the elderly, and 882 to children;
62 glycerin measurement devices;
30 blood pressure measurement devices;
12 dental braces;
11 hearing aides;
2 Holtner Valves for the elderly.

American volunteers from the two foundations contributed to the college scholarship funds for two students and nine institutionalized pupils with sports abilities (canoe, soccer) and artistic inclinations (painting, piano).

Over 6000 children, teenagers and adults benefited from these donations.

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